High Speed Full Rotary Printing machine:Meet various printing function, it is available for put varnish OPP film on machine and forming to meet demand of big quantity printing high speed running, supply of best accuracy and efficiency.

 Rotary Printing machine:Suitable for middle quantity of printing

 Forming machine/ Flat Impress Printing machine:Several sets of forming machines to meet various label sizes, it is able to print small label, capable of forming & laminating film on machine. Also, it can make gold silver foil hot stamping on machine, including embossing and also work with slitting machine after printing for continuous production line.

 Slitting machine:Precise cutting, separate roll labeling, roll packaging demand for automatic labeling, complete delivery for after printing. We also engaged in printing paper adhesive tape, we owe technology of cutting flat paper adhesive tape.

 Plateless Digital Printing machine:The latest plateless digital printing machine imported from Japan, it is able to print various material special ink to present partial varnish result, no printing plate required, all process controlled by digital unit, become another new printing trend.

 9 Colors Printing machine

 High Speed Laser Cutting machine