Han - vastness of the ocean, means our worldwide scope of service
Sheng - ascension, represents our constant ascending to the perfection of color-printing technique.

Equipped with over two decade-long professional experience, prominent goodwill , extensive knowledge, and excellent planning capability, Han Sheng unwaveringly sticks to its long tradition of innovation, efficiency, and quality.


Integrated production system is one of Han Sheng’s greatest advantages. Beginning with order placing, designing, typesetting, proof-reading, plate making, printing, molding, QC, packaging, to delivering, all procedures are completed within the factory, in order to shorten the overall processing time, to effectively grasp production speed, and to save precious time. We perform any mission entrusted by customer with efficiency, quality, reasonable price, respect, and full responsibility.


The service and quality offered by Han Sheng’s professional team have won us the trust, support, and affirmation from customers worldwide. This is the driving force that moves us forward into a even brighter future with all-out effort and full cooperation.


1. Non-woven printing series
2. Static film, wood-free paper, clear polyester and clear PSP series
3. Laser posters & stickers, Poly
4. Gold/silver foil and gold/silver polyester film’s special printing series
5. PVC, PET, and PP synthetic paper series
6. PEPA paper and matt PEPA paper series
7. Art paper and cast coated paper series